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IBM IS Datastage - inštalácia FixPack-u

Návod - príklad ako nainštalovat fixpack na IBM IS Information Server Datastage. Je v angličtine.





Create folders:

mkdir /data/IS
mkdir /data/IS/BACKUP

Move installation file to the server:


Increase size of /tmp FS to have at least 2.5GB of free space
--- Procedure ---

1.) connect to the server
#verify health and status
#create maintenance flag for monitoring

2.) stop Datastage

3.) perform DB2 XMETA database offline backup to folder: /data/IS/BACKUP
//DB2 part
Note: permission issue, 1.2GB, lasted few seconds

4.) perform backup of Datastage installation
#folder to backup: /opt/app/InformationServer
#backup destination: /data/IS/BACKUP
tar cvf - /opt/app/InformationServer | gzip > /data/123/BACKUP/InformationServer.tar.gz
#the backup file had 8GB

5.) start Datastahe
#make sure DB2 is running

6.) install latest Update installer
cd /dataIS
mkdir /data/123/UpdateInstaller
tar -xvf is-update-linux64- -C ./UpdateInstaller/
cd ./UpdateInstaller/
bash updateImage.sh
#enter this path:
Note: lasted 1 second

7.) perform in Client side
//IS developers
7 a.)
(Services and engine tiers) Disable any InfoSphere Information Services Director applications that are currently running.
Log on to the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console with an account that has the suite administrator role.
Select OPERATE > Deployed Information Services Applications.
From the View pane, select a deployed application.
Click Edit.
In the bottom of the View pane, click Disable and select Disable from the menu.
Repeat these steps for each deployed application.
7 b.)
(Services and engine tiers) Stop all scheduled tasks, such as reports and log purge activities. To shut down these tasks, create an unfiltered schedule view within the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web console, and then stop all scheduled tasks that are displayed in the view.
Log in to the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web console with an account that has the suite administrator role.
In the Web console, click the Administration tab.
In the Navigation pane, select Scheduling Management > Scheduling Views.
In the Scheduling Views pane, click New.
Enter a name and description in the Name and Description fields.
Click Save and Close.
Select the schedule view that you created in the previous steps.
Click View Schedules.
Select a schedule in the list, and click View Task.
Look at the Status value in the Schedule section:
If the Status value is STARTED, click Close, and then click Stop to stop the task. Write down the name of the schedule so that you can restart it after the installation is completed.
If the Status value is not STARTED, click Close.
Repeat steps (i) through (j) for each schedule in the list.

8.) Verify on Server side and Client side
//IS developers + BI
Ensure that no jobs are running.
Unschedule any scheduled tasks or jobs for external tools that run on these computers. Ensure that scheduled tasks or jobs do not run on these computers during the installation process.
Ensure that all InfoSphere Information Server clients are shut down.
Ensure that all InfoSphere Information Server clients, including browser-based clients, are shut down for the duration of the installation of both tiers. Halt any other applications, such as import tools, that might be running on the server.

9.) perform installation of FixPack
sudo su - root
umask 022
ulimit -n 10240
cd /opt/app/InformationServer/IIS115/Updates
./installUpdates -installLocation /opt/IBM/InformationServer/IIS115 -patchPackage /data/123/fixpack_FP2_IS115_linux64_11500-11501.ispkg -user -password -console -verbose -wasadmin -waspassword

Note: if not enough space in /tmp, use in the previous ./installUpdates command also "-force" option and do this command, whcih will redirect some tmp files
echo "-Djava.io.tmpdir=/data/CH30092909/tmp" >> /opt/app/InformationServer/IIS115/_uninstall/.jvm_args

10.) check version:

head /opt/IBM/InformationServer/IIS115/Version.xml

11.) undo step 7. and restart Datastage

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